The Craftsman

The Craftsman’s Bio:

Deep in the woodlands of north-central Pennsylvania, Ron Munson began working with wood as early as the 1970s. From his first fallen tree, he was captivated by the natural charm of wood. He went on to pursue a career in wood production — from cutting and hauling maple, oak, and cherry as a logger to overseeing its manufacturing into lumber as a sawmill owner. On the precipice of retirement in the late 1990s, Ron began woodcrafting in his spare time, and rediscovered his love of the medium. He has painstakingly honed his craft creating hundreds of handmade pieces since then, including tables, cabinets, shelves, picture frames — and, of course, cutting boards.

He’s prepared to utilize his 30+ years of experience to deliver your woodwork with excellence.

The Story of the Wood:

Walnut. Cherry. Sugar maple. White and red oak, rescued from the kindling pile. Masterfully crafted of hardwoods from Pennsylvania’s historic Pine Creek Gorge, these charcuterie boards tell a story written in woodgrain – a story of reclamation from destruction; a story of rebirth unto a new purpose – the story of a great woodworker lovingly transforming the modest into his masterpiece. Our hope is that when its contrast catches your eye, you don’t just see a serving platter, but the beauty that’s possible when we come together to serve.

How to care for wood:

Use cutting board oil or 100% (food grade) mineral oil.

Both are available on Amazon or at most hardware stores.

This should be applied a couple of times per year or whenever the board gets dull.  

Apply a small amount (usually only a few drops is needed).  

Rub the oil into the wood thoroughly, then wipe with a paper towel.

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